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Dr. T.N. Krishnamurti, Ph.D.
University of Chicago, 1959

(850) 644-2210  
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Professor of Meteorology
Tropical Meteorology. Research interests are in the following areas: high resolution hurricane forecast (tracks, landfall, and intensity), monsoon forecasts on short, medium range, and monthly time scale and studies of interseasonal and interannual variability of the tropical atmosphere. As a participant in the meteorology team in tropical field projects, he has been responsible for the acquisition and analysis of meteorological data, which extends over most of the tropical atmosphere over several years and is now being assembled and analyzed. These data are unique; it is unlikely that a meteorological data record will be available for decades. Phenomenological interests include hurricanes, monsoons, jet streams, and the meteorology of arid zones.

Selected Publications
    • 2006: An Introduction to Global Spectral Modeling, Second Edition, Springer, 317 pp. Textbook (with H.S. Bedi, V.M. Hardiker and L. Ramaswamy).
    • 2006: Further improvements in superensemble forecasts for weather and climate. Predictability, Ed. Tim Palmer and R. Hagedorn, Cambridge University Press, London  (with T.S.V. Kumar, A.K. Mitra, W.T. Yun, L. Stefanova, B.P. Mackey, A. O’Shay and W.K. Dewar).
    • 2006: Seasonal prediction of sea surface temperature anomalies using a suite of 13 coupled atmosphere-ocean models. J. Climate, Accepted for publication (with A. Chakraborty, R. Krishnamurti, W. Dewar and C.A. Clayson).
    • 2005: The hurricane intensity issue. Mon. Wea. Rev., 133, 1886-1912 (with S. Pattnaik, L. Stefanova, T.S.V. Kumar, B.P. Mackey, A.J. O’Shay and R.J. Pasch).
    • 2005: Multi-model synthetic superensemble algorithm for seasonal climate prediction using DEMETER forecasts. Tellus, 57A, 280-289 (with W.T. Yun, L. Stefanova, A.K. Mitra, T.S.V. Kumar, W. Dewar).
    • 2004: Determination of forecast errors arising from different components of a model physics and dynamics. Mon. Wea. Rev., 132, 2570-2594 (with J. Sanjay, A.K. Mitra and T.S.V. Kumar).
    • 2003: A mechanism of the MJO based on interactions in the frequency domain. Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc., 129, 2559-2590 (with D.R. Chakraborty, N. Cubukcu, L. Stefanova and T.S.V. Kumar).
    • 2003: Improved skills for the anomaly correlation of geopotential heights at 500hPa. Mon. Wea. Rev., 131, 1082-1102 (with K. Rajendran, T.S.V. Kumar, S. Lord, Z. Toth, J. Ahlquist, S. Cocke and I.M. Navon).
    • 2002: Seasonal forecasts of precipitation anomalies for North American and Asian monsoons. J. Met. Soc. Japan, 80, 1415-1426 (with L. Stefanova, A. Chakraborty, T.S.V. Kumar, S. Cocke, D. Bachiochi and B. Mackey).
    • 2002: Interpretation of seasonal climate forecasts using Brier Skill Score, FSU superensemble and the AMIP1 dataset. J. Climate, 15, 537-544 (with L. Stefanova).
    • 2001: Real-time multianalysis/multimodel superensemble forecasts of precipitation using TRMM and SSM/I products. Mon. Wea. Rev., 129, 2861-2883 (with S. Surendran, D.W. Shin, R. Correa-Torres, T.S.V. Kumar, C.E. Williford, C. Kummerow, R.F. Adler, J. Simpson, R. Kakar, W. Olson and F.J. Turk).
    • 2000: Multi-model superensemble forecasts for weather and seasonal climate. Journal of Climate, Nov. 2000 (with C.M. Kishtawal, T. LaRow, D. Bachiochi, Z. Zhang, C.E. Williford, S. Gadgil and S. Surendran).
    • 2000: Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Modeling of the El-Nino of 1997-98. Journal of Climate, Nov. 2000 (with D. Bachiochi, T. LaRow, B. Jha, M. Tewari, D. Chakraborty, R. Correa-Torres, and D. Oosterhof).
    • 1999: Improved skills for weather and seasonal climate forecasts from multi-model superensemble. Science, September 3, 1999 (with C.M. Kishtawal, T. LaRow, D. Bachiochi, Z. Zhang, C.E. Williford, S. Gadgil and S. Surendran).
    • 1998: The impact of current and possible future sea surface temperature anomalies on the frequency of Atlantic hurricanes. Tellus, 50A,186-210 (with R.C. Torres, M. Latif and G. Daughenbaugh).

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